Careful cultivation, selection of nuts or handmade or motorized combs in order not to injure the olives.


The processing of the fruit is done only with modern mechanical methods, without any thermal or chemical treatment.


With the guarantee of the Polyzois family in the cultivation of olive, mainly organic, in the production and standardization of olive oil produced with care and care.

With respect and dedication to the long-standing family tradition, the new generation Polyzois continues the cultivation of olive and the production of excellent olive oil at the place of origin.

On the Cliffs of Messinia. Where this blessed tree dominated from the old valley and the surrounding hills, and whose care was the main occupation of the locals.

Of the local legends, it was named "1000 villages" olive oil. From the innumerable fires that the shepherds of the area, who spent their flocks in the valley, turned into his huts.