The best olive quality…

There are many different kinds of trees and olives each species vary in color, size, texture and taste. This is also true for the  olive oil  produced by these species. The Greeks producers know that the olive variety Koroneiki is the best olives variety from all.

Olive oil from Koroneiki olives  is delicious, with  high nutritional value and a lot of health benefits  for the human body.

The medical properties of olive oil have been long documented and proven. For these reasons, certain types of olives are more recognized and prized than others: among them are the famous olives Koroneïki varieties  which grow only in Greece and in specific areas like ours.

The Koroneiki olives have a mild flavor and produce a golden-green olive oil, it is  adored by  the chefs for the fresh olive flavor that characterizes it and the taste that gives to foods. Olive oil of these variety is   much appreciated for its soft  juicy and refreshing taste.

The Koroneiki olives are picked when they are still green, that’s why  they usally are called “early green olives” (early green olive oil). What makes the koroneiki olive variey from dozens of other varieties of olives and elevate its quality high, is the unique  ingredients the  juice aroma and  the unique flavor.

The distinctive flavor, aroma and rich composition of the olive oil they produce these olives, is indeed very special and unique. Besides the Greek olive oils are characterized by a bursting fresh olive flavor that reflects the sunny and warm climate of Greece.